Finally Telling My Family I Had the Vertical Gastric Sleeve Done

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Nervous, anxious, scared, excited, and many other emotions filled my body as I took the 2-hour drive to Cobb County. I made the decision that I was going to tell my family that I had gotten the gastric sleeve months after I had the procedure done.

Before getting the surgery done, I spent months thinking it over and doing research on it before I went to the doctor for the consultation.

I have always been a private person for the most part. I was hesitant about telling my family and friends about my decision. I did say to a couple of my friends, but I never told my family until months later.

The reason, I did not tell anyone was because I didn't want negativity around the surgery. I was trying to avoid anyone that I felt would try and talk me out of it. I love my family and I knew my family would try to stir me away from the surgery because they didn't want anything to happen to me.

Every single one of my family members praised me for losing weight. “You look so good” “You getting slim on us” “What are you doing to lose?” were some of the first comments I received when I first saw them. With my heart in my throat, I said: “welllll I got the Vertical Gastric Sleeve done in August.” To my surprise, they all were so supportive. Of course, they had so many questions about the process

Even though I have my family support after, I still wouldn’t change waiting to tell them. I know if I would have told them before they probably wouldn’t be as supportive now. It is always easy to support when you know the person made it through as opposed to going through the process and the emotional rollercoaster. I know they would have been anxious and probably stressed me out.

It was two months after surgery, and they could see that I had lost weight and that it wasn’t a danger to my health. It was the most comfortable time to tell them.

When did you tell your family you were having the surgery done? Were they supportive, or did they become stress? What was your experience? Let’s talk about it.

Love Chrys

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