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Fashion and what you wear is a pure form of expression. I have always loved and admired different women's styles. Before losing weight, I was the type of person to purchase a bunch of clothing and shoes that I loved. I would create different ideas on how I was going to wear them. In my head, the designs would always be so cute. I constantly had one small hurdle to get over to implement the idea — the confidence to put it on and walk out of the house. My closet was full of clothing that I was too afraid of wearing.

Growing up a plus size girl, I didn't have as big of a selection as it is now. The clothing was always bulky and never fit my body in a flattering manner. Trying on clothes was still the worse for me. It was a constant reminder that I was getting bigger, so I stuck with my standard outfit and covered my body with a jacket. It didn't matter if it was 100 degrees outside, I still had on a coat.

It took me a while to purchase clothing. After losing weight, I got to the point where my clothes were falling off. Every article of clothing looked way too big and unflattering. I had no clue what my dress/pant size was. So I decided to go to Old Navy to figure it out.

While walking into Old Navy, I still had the nervousness of not being able to fit certain clothes and being disappointed. At my highest, I wore a size 16 in pants. After losing 100+, I had no clue what size I wore. My friend told me to start with a size 10 or 12. Walking to the dressing room, I was nervous as hell — heart racing. I tried the size 12 first, and to my surprise, they were too big. Feeling relieved and a little shocked, I slipped into the size 10, and they fit. Going from a size 16 to 10 was something I only dreamed of. I never actually thought my dream would turn into reality for me.

I write this to say NEVER stay complacent. Always work towards your dreams and goals because one day, you are going to wake up and look around and realize you have accomplished the ideas you have set for yourself.

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