What’s In My Hospital Bag? V.S What I Wish I Had | Vertical Gastric Sleeve Edition

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Now that you are on your liquid diet, I am sure you are trying to figure out what you need to pack for your hospital stay?

In My Bag I Packed:

  • 2 Pair of PJ pants

  • 2 T-Shirts

  • 2 pair of Undies

  • 2 boxes of Gas- X

  • Book

  • Phone Charger

  • Phone Charger Case

  • Tampons

  • Headphones

After packing all of these things guess how many I used?

I only used the charger and the headphones. Use my experience as a lesson to not over pack. As long as you don’t have any complications you should only be in the hospital 1-2 days. You will spend the majority of the time in your hospital bed going in and out of sleep, or you’ll be up walking trying to relieve the gas pains. Meaning you do not need much. You’ll be in your hospital gown the whole time. You have a TV so it’ll keep you entertained. My doctor required me to walk 30 laps before I was released, so I used my headphones while walking.

What I wish I had?

After surgery, your throat will be a little soar because they put a tube down it that helped you breathe during operation. Also, you won’t be able to drink ANYTHING until you pass a leak test to ensure there are no leaks in your stomach. This means that your mouth will feel like the Sahara desert. So you do want to bring a mouth rinse to help with the dryness. Just make sure you DO NOT accidentally swallow any of it.

Optional Gas-X is such a fantastic product. Unfortunately, my doctor would not allow me to use it while in the hospital but as soon as I left I used it every couple hours, and it helped relieve the gas. So I would bring it just in case you can use it. Lastly, this could be completely optional. It could be useful depending on your pain tolerance and if you have any complications. You may want to bring a pillow for the ride home to relieve any pressure from the bumpy ride.

Let’s talk about it. If you are preop what are some things you feel are a must have? If you are post-op what are some things you wish you packed?

Stay Lovely

Love Chrys

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