DO NOT Trust Your Fart: Vertical Gastric Sleeve Edition

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Getting used to this new stomach and finding out what’s is/isn’t going to bother me is going to be a journey.

With that being said, I had my first embarrassing moment. I am just happy I was by myself if anyone was around I think I would have died.

Since my surgery, I have had to sleep on my couch. No matter how I try and position myself in my bed I always have horrible gas pains It was the middle of the night, and I hadn’t had anything to drink in a couple of hours, so of course, I was having hunger pains. I got up and drunk three sips from the protein shake that was on my kitchen table. The protein shake was a shake I made. It had unflavored protein powder, banana, and cream sugar-free jello with 1 TB spoon of Tarani Sugar-Free French Vanilla Syrup. It had been out for a while, so it was lukewarm. *BAD IDEA* I have been drinking something similar to this drink for the past two days so I assumed it would always agree with my stomach.

After taking three sips, I laid back down. Ten minutes later, my stomach started feeling a little funny. Feeling like I had to pass gas and take an s%!t so I got up and went to the bathroom. I handled my business and then went back to lay on the couch and eventually drifted back to sleep.

30 mins later, I had a little pressure come back to my stomach. I already handled my business, so I think it’s just gas. So I let it out. *bad idea* As soon as I did that I felt wetness so I jumped up and ran to the bathroom so fast you would have thought I was a damn track star. All I was thinking was that this could not have happened. This has to be a damn dream. I better not have gotten shit on this damn couch.

I am 26, and Yes, I shart my pants. Thank God, I slept in my sweatpants, so nothing got on my coach.

I share this experience to say as a new Bariatrics Patient be careful what you put in your new stomach. Only because you use to drink/eat things before the surgery, it could react utterly different to your new stomach. So be careful and please DO NOT TRUST YOUR FART

Stay Lovely,


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