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I knew that I was going to lose weight, but I was not expecting to have so many changes happen to my body. From having a weird obsession with heat to a difference in my taste buds, the scale wasn’t the only thing to.

I use to DRED summer. My hatred for the summer was stronger than your average liberals hate for our current president. I was ALWAYS hot. It didn’t take anything for me to start sweating. Just walking from my house to my car, I would instantly begin to sweating profusely. Sometimes I would be dripping in sweat, looking like I had just run a marathon. I would be so embarrassed. Post weight- loss surgery, my internal thermostat has switched. I absolutely love the heat. In any way possible I gravitate towards it. I am beyond excited about the summer because I am always cold. Now and days, I take a Sweater everywhere I go.

Not because I am ashamed of my body, but because I need it to keep me warm. Now that it’s getting hotter outside, I love being outside. One day I was chilling with my friend, and it was 62 degrees in her house. You would have thought I was in Alaska the way I was shivering, so we went outside to her backyard. Mind you it was 92 degrees outside. We were out there for about 10 minutes she literally started sweating, and I was completely dry. The heat felt so good against my skin. I know it sounds absolutely absurd, and the majority of my friends think I am crazy, but I love the heat now. To be honest, I do not mind this switch because I can always put more clothes on to warm up, but I can never take enough clothes off to cool down. My internal thermostat was the first change. A watery mouth was the second.

Have you ever been about to eat something that looked so good and your mouth starts watering? Have you ever seen something on tv that looked so scrum shish and your mouth automatically starts drooling because your body is anticipating how good it would be? Before surgery, I would hear my friends talk about this but never personally experienced it. My mouth gets watery now at just the thought of my favorite food. If I am about to take my first bite of a meal, my mouth is watery. Not only am I slightly drooling when I am about to eat, but my taste buds have changed completely. Food is either too salty or sweet. Which I don’t mind because my desire to eat out has gone down and I cook a lot more so I can control what I put in my body.

Speaking of what I put in my body, I hate scrambled eggs now. I use to love eggs. Hell, even when I was in my soft food stage after surgery, I loved eggs. If I eat a scrambled egg now, it just makes me sick to my stomach. After taking about two spoon fulls, I instantly feel nauseous.

After I am done eating, my stomach makes noises. Not the average rumbling noises. To me, it sounds like garbage disposal destroying the food. It’s not loud enough where everyone in a room can hear it, but if you are standing next to me, then you would be able to listen to it. I noticed if I don’t chew my food enough, then it will sound louder. So I try to make sure I eat my food thoroughly before I swallow it. Now I take small bites and chew my food good until I start feeling full.

You usually know your full when your stomach feels tight, and you get the stuffed feeling. Everyone knows this feeling, especially after you have eaten a good ol down south soul food plate. Along with physically feeling full, my body has another random way of letting me know I am full. My nose starts running, and I will get the hick-ups. I know random.

The very last thing I noticed is the change in my foot. MY FOOT SHRUNK. Common sense tells you that if you are losing weight you’ll lose it in your foot and your shoe size will go down. I never really thought that would change. I knew I was going to lose weight all over my body but having to buy a new wardrobe and by new shoes was not part of the plan. Not that I am complaining lol. I remember being at a shoe store and pulling a size nine down. I tried them on, and there was still room left in the back, to my surprise. I tried on a size 8.5, and it surprisingly fit.

Despite all the changes in my body, I still would not take back my experience. The changes are random, and some are weird; I am just taking time to get used to them. I know I can not be the only person to have changes. Let’s talk about it! If you have had any weight loss surgery has your body changed at all?


We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same

— Anne Frank

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