2nd Month Surgaversary | Vertical Gastric Sleeve Edition

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On October 30, 2017, it was officially my second-month surgaversary!! I was officially in ONEDERLAND!!!! I started my weight loss journey around 260 lbs. I stayed away from the scale since my first month after surgery. Weighing yourself can seriously become an addiction, which is why I decided to stay away from it. It can quickly become discouraging when the number isn’t moving as fast as you want. Can you believe the shock I felt when I got on the scale, and it read 196lbs? At that moment, I could have cried. I have been trying to get out of the 200’s since high school, and to see that I FINALLY made it to ONEDERLAND I became overwhelmed with emotions.

It’s emotional because it was the first time that I have realized how far I have come. This journey has not been the easiest, but with each passing day, things become a little easier.

One thing I have never done was to celebrate how far I have come. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw what wasn’t right. The only thing I noticed was how much work I still have to do. That day was the first time I looked at myself and saw the progress, and I got so excited.

If your anything like me you may focus on what needs to change with your body instead of acknowledging your success. When you’re only focusing on the negative, that’s when the negative thoughts creep in. That’s when the discouragement comes in. Lastly, that’s when you stop pushing yourself, and old habits start creeping back.

Today I want everyone to think about how far you have come. Think about how much you weighed when you first started your weight loss journey. How much have you lost? Even if it’s just one pound, celebrate that one pound. That’s one less pound you have to lose. That’s the start of your weight loss journey. It’s just the foundation, and it’s the beginning. Celebrate that you are doing something right and you are forming new habits.

Let’s talk about it! Take a moment and think about where you were when you first started your journey and how far you have come. Comment your proudest moment. Let’s celebrate it together.

Stay Lovely,

Love Chrys

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