Isopure: Protein Drink | VGS Review

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When I was doing my research before the surgery I always saw these drinks in the different support groups I was in. Between the bottle and the color, they do know how to draw you in.

The drinks are such a pretty and refreshing color. I thought it was going to be light with a hint of a protein taste. Hell Naw… I was WRONG

These drinks are probably one of the worse protein drinks I have ever had. The initial taste is very light and fruity. However, the AFTER TASTE…I can’t deal. It has an overwhelming after the taste of protein. It tastes like protein with a hint of barf. I tried to stomach it my I just could not.

I tried it in every state.
Over ice, Chilled, Room temp it doesn’t matter how I tried to drink it the after taste was always still premiant.


There are 40 grams of Protein and I just wanted to like it so back. But I, unfortunately, wasted my money. So before you buy you may want to think about it.

Taste: 1
Would I Re-Purchase: Hell Naw
Would I Recommend: If You like the taste of protein then you will love this

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