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Protein is the most outstanding food to eat as a bariatric patient. Every time we go to the doctor, they will mention Protein at the beginning, middle and end of your visit, depending on how far out you are. The amount of Protein you consume is the key to your weight-loss success. The best Protein to intake is dense Protein; meat, chicken, fish or eggs. In a perfect world, it would be so easy to stay at home and cook each Protein-based meal or snack.

Let’s be real! We have a lot going on in our lives and sometimes preparing our meals could be the last thing we are focused on. Sometimes we want something simple and comfortable while we go on with our busy lives. Finding the BEST protein option can be very difficult. If your anything like me you will go to the grocery aisle and see a bunch of options that say PROTEIN. Your first thought is that it has to be healthy because it says high Protein. Right??? Wrong.

Before you trust the words on the front, turn the item around, and check out the nutritional facts on the back. That’s the only way you will be able to know if what you are putting in your body is right for you. Just because the food has much Protein in it doesn’t mean it is going to be healthy. Also, just because it says that it is low in sugar doesn’t mean it’s the best thing either. You have to be cautious of the number of Carbohydrates in it. Companies are getting pretty smart at misleading us. They know that as a society, we gravitate to foods that say they are low in sugar, so they are combining the sugars in the carbohydrates stats. Our body breaks down sugar and carbs the same way, so we have to treat them the same.

When looking at the nutritional facts, you want to make sure it passes the “5 / 10” test. Before you pick it up to you, want to make sure it has 5g or less of Net Carbs and 10g or more of Protein. What is Net Carb? Great question. It is the Total of Carbohydrates – Dietary Fiber – Sugar alcohol. We deduct the Dietary Fiber and Sugar Alcohol because our body does not digest these ingredients. Sugar Alcohol, you do want to be cautious because it could have an adverse reaction to your stomach. I have heard that for some people it goes straight through them so be mindful. It will not increase our blood sugar. As for Protein, my doctor set a goal for me to consume at least 60g of protein each day.

Let’s look at some nutritional facts to see what’s right and what’s bad for us.



Kellogg’s Special K Bars were one of the items that I just knew was going to be healthy. I always saw the commercials, and everybody was so skinny in them. They promoted weight-loss and healthy living. In my mind, I just knew this was going to be the best product to eat. Boy was I wrong. As you see, Total Carbohydrates is 22gs. Even if we remove the 5g of Fiber its still 17g of Carbohydrates. On top of that, it only has 8g of Protein. As we can see, it does not pass the “5/10 Test.”



Salami and cheese. Who doesn’t like this combination? This one is so simple to read. Total Carbohydrates 0g. Dietary Fiber 0g. Protein 4g. Does it pass the test no it doesn’t? However, depending on how many grams of Protein you have in taken already, you could still slide this in as a snack.



Premier Protein shakes is EVERY doctor go to, once you have surgery. It’s the fastest way to consume much Protein in a short period. So my first thought is the bars have to be good for you right….. We see the Total Carbohydrates is 27g. If we take out the 7g of Dietary Fiber and the 8g of Sugar Alcohol, we still have 12g of Carbs. 15g of Protein. So does it meet the “5/10 Test” NO!!! I know what your thinking. “Chrys you let the Salami and Cheese slide so why not let this slide too” There is a big difference between these two. The salami had 0 carbs. In my mind, I can risk eating the salami because it still gives me my Protein and I exercise on a regular, so the calories are not my main focus. The key to weight-loss is the number of Carbohydrates you intake. If you consume over your limit of carbs, then you will either maintain or gain weight.

Even though it has an extra 2gs of Carbs, I still would try and stay away from it.

Now let’s see if you can do some on your own. I will give you a hint. The next three labels are all excellent sources of Protein on the go. The key is, can you tell me why. In the comment section below, let me know the reason behind why.

Stay Lovely,

Love Chrys 



Beef Jerky




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