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I have lost 100lbs!!!

I have lost 100lbs!!!

I have lost 100lbs!!!

Losing weight has been a lifelong goal for me. Before weight-loss surgery, I tried everything to shed weight. From diet pills to crash diets, you name it I tried it. I will lose 15lbs and gain 20lbs. Then lose 10lbs and then gain 30lbs. My weight was a constant fluctuation. To sit here and say out loud that I have lost 100lbs is so shocking and slightly overwhelming. Some days I can’t even wrap my mind around the fact that I have missed this much weight.

Losing weight is not only a physical process. It is a mental process, as well. While researching this surgery, I saw everyone advising what to eat and what not to eat, but nobody talked about how their emotional and mental state was throughout this journey. I was never clinically diagnosed with depression. However, I had signs of depression. Silly of me, I thought that if I could lose the weight, then I wouldn’t be depressed anymore. If I could lose weight, I would be so much happier. I would tell this to myself always. Boy was I wrong. I had to learn to change my mindset to help with the depression.

Throughout this weight loss journey, I have learned a lot about myself. The hardest thing is coming face to face with the person that I was. I had to stop lying to myself. I had to face my reality and confront the negative characteristics that I was avoiding for the majority of my life. I had to face, acknowledge, and deal with the person I was. I spent so much of my life, avoiding tough circumstances. One day I woke up feeling tired. I was tired of the sad and negative feelings that would consume my days. I was tired of feeling drained. I was tired of being depressed and having it take over my life. So I made a conscious decision to change my thoughts, which then changed my behaviors.

For the longest, I just made up excuses on why I couldn’t accomplish the specific task, but once I owned my faults, I was able to make small changes to transform the person that I was to the person that I want to be. Am I that person right now? Hell No. I still have a lot that I need to work on it myself but what I can say is that I am not the person that I was, and I am grateful for that.

Keep in mind just because you are losing weight does not mean that your life is going to be full of bliss. You have got to tackle the demons inside you are you will go back to old habits, and the weight will come back.

Stay Lovely,

Love Chrys

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