It's Your Dream; Not Your Friends/ Family Dream


Over the past couple of years, writing has become a passion of mines. It allows me to slow down and thoroughly reflect on my feelings, emotions, and views on situations. It also helps me articulate my feelings. Quickly becoming an emotional release, and the main reason I decided to create my blog.

Full of excitement, I built my blog and started showing my family and friends. Frustration began to take over when people around me would say, "I will always support you, but that's a lot of reading, and you know I don't read." "Who is going to read all of that?"

I tried not to let their words get to me, but I am human, and not getting the support I desired hurt. I honestly started believing that I was wasting my time, and nobody would read my work. So I foolishly stopped writing.

It wasn't until recently that I realized the reality of the situation. Instead of focusing on my satisfaction, I started focusing on others and held myself back. The truth is some of my family and friends weren't my targeted audience; that's okay. I now know that God has an audience for me, and he will allow them to find me in due time.

This time around, I am going in with the mindset of fulfilling my desires and letting go of others' expectations. Doing so relieved the pressure and made writing fun again.


Take Away:

It doesn't matter if you are getting the support from your family and friends. Just because you know people, that doesn't mean they are obligated to support you.
Keep going and stay consistent. As long as you are putting your all in your passion and dream, the right people will follow. Never allow the lack of support from others to stop you from working on your vision. Remember, at the end of the day, this is your life and your passion.

As long as your "why" is inspired by real love and pure intentions, success will always come. So remember, your friends and family are not obligated to support you. Keep pushing and grinding, because those same people will eventually get on board when they see how far you have come.

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