It's Your Dream; Not Your Friends/ Family Dream


In the sacred realm of faith and the written word, my journey began as a simple yet profound revelation of the heart. Over the past few years, the act of writing has evolved into a true passion of mine. It serves as a tranquil river, allowing me to slow down and dive deep into the waters of my soul, exploring feelings, emotions, and perspectives. Through writing, I've found my voice and the means to eloquently express my innermost thoughts. It has become my sanctuary, a sacred vessel of emotional release, and the very reason my blog came into existence.

With boundless enthusiasm, I embarked on the creation of my blog and eagerly shared it with my beloved family and friends. However, amidst the initial excitement, a storm of frustration brewed as I encountered comments like, "I'll always support you, but that's a lot of reading, and you know I don't read," or "Who is going to read all of that?"

I tried to shield my heart from the sting of their words, but I am only human, and the absence of the support I longed for wounded me deeply. I began to doubt the worth of my efforts, foolishly believing that my words were destined to be unread. In my despair, I made the grievous mistake of abandoning my writing altogether.

It was only recently that I received a divine revelation. I had been focusing on the expectations of others, rather than on my own satisfaction. I had allowed the opinions of some, who were not even my intended audience, to hold me back. It dawned upon me that God has a chosen audience for my words, and in His perfect timing, He will guide them to me.

This time, I approach my writing journey with a renewed mindset, free from the chains of others' expectations. I have cast aside the weight of external pressures and, in doing so, rediscovered the joy in writing.

Take Away:

In the world of faith, it is crucial to remember that the support of family and friends may not always be forthcoming. They may not be your intended audience, and that is perfectly acceptable. It is imperative to persevere with unwavering consistency. As long as you pour your heart and soul into your passion and dreams, the right people will find their way to you. Do not allow the absence of external support to deter you from pursuing your vision. Remember, this is your life, your passion.

When your "why" is rooted in genuine love and pure intentions, success is an inevitable consequence. Understand that your friends and family are not obligated to support you. Keep pushing forward and grinding, for these same individuals may eventually become your greatest champions as they witness the incredible journey you are on.

Have faith, trust in God's timing, and continue your journey with unwavering devotion.

As long as your "why" is inspired by real love and pure intentions, success will always come. So remember, your friends and family are not obligated to support you. Keep pushing and grinding, because those same people will eventually get on board when they see how far you have come.

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