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 "ShiftingYou" is a faith-based business that desires to help shift the mindset of women from existing to living with Christ. Our goal is to ensure that women understand that all God wants is a genuine relationship with you. It's not about your actions it's about you spending one on one time and nourishing the relationship. Your heart posture is what will allow God to move in your life.

We want to encourage, motivate and inspire women to shift their mindset about their everyday life and remember that they are never alone. 


Heyyy! I am Chrystal. I grew up in the church and thought that I was close to God because I was doing what "religion" taught me.
However ever since I can remember I have struggled with depression and never felt like I fit in. In 2020 I was at an extremely low point and completely alone. With no one around I had to find a release and was led to start writing to get the emotions out. Once I started writing, I couldn't stop. Writing helped me gather and control my thoughts and essentially lead me back to Christ.

I went from writing my thoughts to writing my prayers. Although we are in a world full of technology there is something that shifts when you quiet everything around you and put pen to paper.

Journaling, studying my bible, and being intentional with building a personal relationship with God helped me finally understand who I was. This process was not easy and came with being stripped from a lot by God but the daily check-ins helped me understand the lessons that I needed to learn.

To the girl that is fighting depression, feels overlooked, lost or unseen I promise you God sees you. He loves you and He wants to use you in an unimaginable way to touch other people's lives. No matter what it looks like, always remember his promises to you.

Love Chrys